Smart. Simple. Secure.

Easy-to-use iOS security app.

Simply download our iOS VPN app from iTunes, and click to shield your phone. Your iPhone will go from vulnerable to completely secure. Our VPN app will launch every time you turn on your phone, and you’ll stay connected to our worldwide network of highly secure proxy servers. We go, where you go.

Privacy in your Pocket

Powerful VPN and encryption for your iPhone.

Connecting to our iOS security app and powerful proxy protect your connection and your mobile against threats. We also make you anonymous and protect your data. How? By using powerful encryption. So if you’re checking your online banking on Starbucks free wifi, hackers can’t attempt to steal your information. We’ll keep your business with you.

Access Everywhere, Anywhere

Choose your iOS proxy server.

We have a worldwide network of proxy server locations. You can choose where you want to connect from to access the Internet. Need to check your emails? Switch your location to throw off the bad guys, and avoid country based limitations to access the content you need. At home or on the go, wherever you need to connect.

Get your FREE Premium account and test us!

Premium Features

Our iOS VPN app comes with exclusive features.

EverSecure ™

You’ll automatically reconnect every time you access the Internet.

Malware Blocking

We provide you with advanced security to detect malicious sites and block them before they even reach your system.

Tracking Protection

We protect your privacy even further by preventing 3rd parties from tracking your activity across the Internet.